HTC 800 RX

 HTC 800RX

An efficient planetary grinder with high performance


The HTC 800 RX uses the same reliable technology as the larger HTC 950 RX and it is similarly equipped, with a battery and an extra wheel for transport. The HTC 800 RX, just like the HTC 950 RX, is a powerful and efficient machine. In addition, the machine's width of 860 mm means it can pass through all standard doors.

The remote control makes the machine very easy to use and it minimises the risks for work related injuries. Without interrupting the grinding, the operator can also handle telephone calls, the dust extractor and other surfaces on the premises, which doubles the capacity. Moreover, the HTC 800 RX is equipped with HTC's patented and well-known drive system, with 2-year warranty. Furthermore, it is equipped as standard with: MCS™, floating cover, integrated weight system, EZchange™ and it has a foldable handle that facilitates grinding in cramped spaces.




Some of the great features with HTC 800 RX are:

·     Adjust the grinding pressure using the integrated weight system

·     The HTC 800 series is a winning combination of power and versatility.

·     Ergonomically designed

·     A planetary grinder for large jobs

·     Low operating costs

·     The machine is easy to manage and offers high performance and efficiency

·     HTC Superfloor™ - Approved Equipment


Technical Details

HTC 800 RX
1395 mm
860 mm
1263 mm
565 kg
Motor output
15 KW
Power consumption
32 Amp
3 x 400 V
50 Hz
Grinding pressure
238 - 258 - 335 kg
Revolution speed
458 - 1374 r.p.m
Grinding discs
4 x 270 mm
Griding width
800 mm
Grinding motors
Water tank
26 L
Recommended Dust Extraction Systems
HTC 80iD
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